The Depopulation Agenda

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A World In Chaos

The insanity continues. After dedicating a reasonable amount of time monitoring the developments, we can safely say that the ruling class is nothing more than a deranged group of psychopaths. Ever since the renaissance, they have been attempting to return the world to the sorry state of feudalism. The «Great Reset» is nothing but a sham. The entire PLAN-demic serves only the two following purposes, which we will analyze in detail. We shall speak with actual, witnessed facts that we have encountered.

Purpose One:

「Reduce the global population to «sustainable» standards.」 During the 19th and the 20th century, Europe has lived through a significant amount of wars. Needless to say that these conflicts happened before that time; however, those two centuries marked an era of escalation, from the Ottoman Empire to the World Wars and the regional Balkan Wars. The loss of population made families give birth to additional children to recover those murdered. Once the population recovered, the childbirths returned to a standard of 1-3 children for the majority of the nations. However, the country born after the Ottoman Empire, Turkey, saw it as a disadvantage. However, they were not the only ones. Average families in the Middle – and later- Far East began to give birth to many children. It became a standard for many Muslim countries, where men were (and are) allowed to have several wives. The measure was 8-12 children per family. This fact took place in various countries, from Northern Africa to Islamic nations and China itself. The goal was to build a solid force to counter Western Civilization. This battle has been ongoing for as long as history remembers. Hence the Totalitarian Far-Left seeks to erase our knowledge of the past. However, there was one problem with that. Since the countries with the increasing number of children were underdeveloped, there was no real education. In addition, medical advances from the West negated the child deaths that would otherwise incur in the past. Eastern Roma cultures marry at the age of 16 and give continuous births up to the age they can no more. Their notion has always been: «the bigger the clan, the more powerful its leaders.»

The world population tripled between 1500 and 1900, to an estimated 1564 million.

Within the last century, the population increased 5-fold because of the factors we developed above. However, those are but the tip of the iceberg. Again, the medical advances and the exit from the dark ages (imposed by monarchies and the totalitarian approach of spiritual «leaders») vastly reduced the children’s mortality rates. However, the cultures did little to adapt – and their leaders were happy not to intervene. More people = more taxes = more riches for the ruling class.

When the Fractional Reserve Banking came into play with the FIAT system, the ruling class saw that they could print money out of thin air. They no longer needed all the extra people. Especially since the vast majority of them had no access to education, let alone advanced learning. It is why the World Economic Forum considers them «useless eaters.»

This leads us to:

Purpose Two:

「The disruption of free societies that are based on democracy and republic.」

The «useless eaters» could still prove helpful for the totalitarian elite. Hence the plans of mass immigration began. The real purpose has always been the destabilization of nations, communities, and families. Therefore the mass immigration.

Turgut Özal, 8th President of Turkey (1989 – 1993) and 26th Prime Minister of Turkey (1983 – 1989), said on-air that “we do not need to enter a war with Greece, all we need to do is flood them with immigrants.” The government reinforced this position in April of 2021 with the words of General Hakki Pekin, former Chief of Military Intelligence of Turkey, who suggested Turkey destabilizes the Aegean islands by sending immigrants.

We have seen this take effect all over Europe. Lately, the incompetent Biden administration has been doing the same for the United States. Mass immigration has a deeper purpose. It is about votes and staying in power, at least until the despicable “Great Reset” happens.

The “Great Reset” is the real purpose of the elite and the Deep State. However, they need a cover story to validate their intent to collapse the economies worldwide. It will secure their new, totalitarian regime. In the United States, the Biden administration is handing out money for welfare and passing an “Infrastructure” package of $1.2 trillion US dollars. Looking at the details of the 2.702 page-bill, one can notice that most of it have nothing to do with infrastructure. It is primarily a payout package for everyone who helped the Biden administration cheat in the elections and kept the sham of the “pandemic” and the “vaccines” (read Gene Therapy).

Now you have an idea as to how the Deep State operatives work. Still, they are no more than puppets to specific groups above them. “Royal” families who believe they own the world via their deceitful FIAT system.

End Game

The endgame of these anti-human instigators is simple:

  • Confiscate all property of the people worldwide and keep them in a communist-level regime with a universal income, barely enough to get by.
  • Limit all freedoms (the Liberals are not going to like this at all).
  • Reduce the global population to a level they consider “manageable” at approximately one billion people.
  • Introduce trans-humanism, which is the human fusion with artificial intelligence – to cover for the needs of the elites’ planetary “harem.”
  • Rule the world unquestioned and unchallenged.

Will you allow a new era of despotism and slavery to rise?

If you believe the above is a conspiracy theory, then we would suggest taking the time to read history. Perform some research from credible sources that are not on the Deep State payroll. If, however, you believe that it will be a waste of your time, then hope that the rest of us will be strong enough to stop this nightmare from coming true. Because if we do not, you too will suffer greatly.

For everyone’s information, we are not religious-oriented. If you look for a definition, we are Center-Libertarians. We agree and disagree with both the Left and the Right on equal footing. What we wish for is a human race that enjoys freedom and exercises respect.

Everyone who is not involved in politics is doomed to be ruled by lesser beings.

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