Humans of Earth Part 2

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CSN Comment: This is the second part of the testimony, which depicts a lot more about humanity’s position in the galactic events.

The State of Our Solar System

Here we enter the obscure phase that holds the keys to the origins of humanity.

Earlier I described mythology as the means to encrypt communications, information, and – later on – history itself. For example, combining two ancient civilizations, Greece and India, we will see that they both follow similar patterns. Those patterns expand – in slightly different forms – to the mythologies of other ancient cultures. There are references to Apollo heading north of Europe during certain seasons of the year, where the Nordic people get to know him as Thor and vice versa. Surprising? Not really.

Now, let’s get our hands on the “Galactic Federation of Light” (G.F.L.). First and foremost, they are not who they claim to be, and there is information (riddled with indications) that they will participate in the Project Blue Beam. Yes, this project is a distraction, but it is part of a much bigger plan. The Elites do not dare burn that card, and I will explain this in a moment. Long story short, whoever claims that the G.F.L. are the good guys, are either misled or agents of the Theosophic branch.

G.F.L. people look like us quite a bit, and yes, they have appeared numerous times in the past. As the Gods of the Pantheon. Are you surprised? Don’t be.


The Birth of the Galactic Federation of Light

According to Greek and Indian mythology, G.F.L. was once part of a greater Commonwealth until a rebellion plunged a third of the Milky Way into total war. This conflict began from Alpha Draconis approximately 1.5 million years ago, but I have no way of verifying much that far back. Earth (known as Gaia at the time) was outside the heavily militarized zone; therefore, most interstellar traffic were science vessels with only a few military ones. However, it was a matter of time before skirmishes reached the neighboring systems. Tempted by the promise of power, the local solar government joined the rebellion.

Illustration of Saturn eating his chidlren.

The myth about Kronos eating his children was about cleansing the provincial governor’s subordinates out of fear of being overthrown. Eventually, he was defeated, and Kronos’ “private” army and lieutenants became known as Kroneans (or Croneans, hence the term “cronies”). Today, these traitors who conspired to end humanity call themselves “The Galactic Federation of Light.” In the beginning, I was uncertain of who the G.F.L. was until I heard claims that the moon was their base. There is only one faction group that controls the moon: our jailers. G.F.L. is the ally of the Draconian coalition. These are the founders of all organized religions on our planet, and their partner, Kronos, is referenced in the scriptures as Savit/Savath/Savaoth/Saturn.

The Wars in our Solar System

The above treason came to pass after a significant event that turned the tide of the war between the Draconian coalition and the Commonwealth. As a side note, I will refer to Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda. If you watched the T.V. series, it all begins with the rebellion of the Nietzscheans (who bear dragon-claws on their forearms), who ended up defeating the Commonwealth. In reality, the outcome was different.

The Commonwealth, a union of 13 galactic clusters (I have no spaceship to verify), sent reinforcements to our local galaxy, and the rebellion started to lose traction. As retribution for the deaths of trillions, a wide-scale assault spread the Draconian fleets thin, allowing space for a small, experimental Commonwealth strike force to breach Alpha Draconis and destroy the Draco homeworld. The myth of Perseus and Andromeda depicts this event, which resulted in the destruction of Medusa (codename for the Draco home planet). One rebel fleet arrived late, and its flagship codenamed Levan ordered the pursuit of the experimental – Perseus – strike force. A second and newer flagship codenamed Lilith received Levan’s transmission and joined the hunt.

The Perseus strike force received orders to enter a solar system where enough Commonwealth vessels could quarantine the area. Guess which that solar system was. That’s right. Ours. The Draconian fleet entered with 118 war planets and two flagships: Levan and Lilith (the infamous “mother of demons”). Levan itself joined forces with the defeated Kronos and his “Federation” and entered a geosynchronous orbit around the Earth approximately 11,500 BCE.

After the trap was sprung, the leader of the Draconian coalition (which includes more species) attempted to buy time by negotiating a “survival” treaty. By that time, the G.F.L. had already become a servant-ally of the Draconian fleet. Therefore, those of you who consider the Draconians evil and the “Galactic Federation of Light” good, think again. Since that time, two more solar wars took place, which destroyed two planets. The one between Mercury and our sun eventually plunged into the star. For names’ sake, let’s call that planet Hephaestus. If you do a little research, lately, NASA is looking into the “possibility” that another planet existed in our solar system, which fell into the sun.

The second planet was known as Phaethon and followed the myth under the same name. According to the story, Phaethon was the sun’s son, and a “lightning bolt struck him down”. In reality, planets are sons and daughters of a star as they form after a supernova. The lightning bolt was a planetary weapon. The inhabitants of Phaethon refused to surrender to the Draconian fleet (who sought the titanium mines), and they paid the price. A chunk from that planet hit the Earth and caused our planet’s tilt and the cataclysm of 8,255 BCE. What remains of that world is now the famous asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The planet was not wholly eviscerated, as the Dracos needed to mine it.

However, there was a significant event that led to that destruction.

Earlier I mentioned a treaty between the Draconian coalition and the solar Commonwealth forces. That treaty allowed the Dracos to unload their “most vulnerable” population on two continents. One was in the northern hemisphere, populated mainly by the Pelasgian, Dravidian, Aegean, and Hellenian clans, while the other was in the southern hemisphere, populated mainly by the Ethiopian lines. Those two continents were Atlantis and Lemuria, respectively.

Speaking of Ethiopian, it is worthwhile to remind you that it was the black race of the Dogon who made the first contact with the Uranides of the Commonwealth. Their ambassadors reached the following agreement: the northern hemisphere in exchange for knowledge and interstellar travel. If you haven’t connected the dots already, only the black race is indigenous to Earth.

Despite the Draco-Commonwealth agreement, the “refugees” (sleeper cells) violated the terms of population balance and began a campaign of indoctrination. The tensions rose between the two factions, and less than 900 years later, the Draconian “refugees” corrupted Atlantis enough to become the bearer of the first New World Order. The ground, air, and naval conflicts were massive and led to the loss of countless lives. Eventually, it was Aegis who deflected the Atlantean attack at the Illyrian fields and pushed back. Unlike the Draconian subordinates (read slaves) who were “built-to-obey” their master and God (hence the creation of the term organized religion uses), the Aegeans liberated the cities and spared the non-combatants, regardless of origin. During that phase, many of the former disciples of the Draconian coalition rebelled and defected to the Commonwealth. The wrath of their former God (Draconian Admiral) was too great, and Atlantis paid the price not long after Lemuria.

The image is of extreme resolution. Right-Click and Save it to read more.

Now you understand the story behind the two mythological continents. That was the destruction of the “New World Order” at the time. Today, we’re facing the third. However, is it final?

After the defeat Saturnians (G.F.L.) and the Draconian coalition the remaining Commonwealth forces in our system broke into three groups. One took refuge at the poles, where the extreme harsh temperatures acted to their defense; another retreated to the secondary headquarters on the planet of Uranus; the third and last left to request reinforcements from the Milky Way galactic government.

The Draconian coalition remained unchallenged and managed to establish preliminary planetary control of the Earth around the middle of the 6th millennia B.C.E. (5,999-5000). Around 80 C.E., the Dracos gained complete planetary control. And by “coincidence,” it was the time when the books of Jesus’ “Disciples” were written. Shortly after, our world entered the dark ages and the second New World Order. Slavery to monarchs and despots replaced freedom. Ignorance and superstition replaced philosophy and science. Organized religion spread unchallenged in an ocean of blood. When the Persian Kings offered refuge to the hunted scholars of Europe, science was about to be reborn in the Middle East. Shortly after, Islam appeared in the region with the same God as the previous two monotheistic religions. We all know what happened to science in the Middle East after that.

Depiction of the Levan (moon) war planet.

Do things start to make a little sense now? Now, let’s fast forward to our present.

After thousands of years of using mules, horses, donkeys, carriages, humanity suddenly enters the industrial revolution, and within 50 years, it reaches for the moon. What was it that forced such a massive advance in technology?

In the late 1800s, the first wave of the Commonwealth reinforcements arrived, and in 1950, the second wave entered the solar system. The Draconian coalition started giving technology to the governments via Above-Top Secret Programs to prepare humanity for war. As the initial contact attempts of the Commonwealth fleet failed, they advanced and took Saturn from the Draconian coalition in one swift assault. Ever wondered what Saturn’s ring-maker ships are? They are Commonwealth vessels repairing the damage from the conflict.

The Ring-Makers of Saturn

Above you can see the video of the respective convention, via NASA’s engineer, Dr. Norman Bergrun on the Ring-Makers of Saturn.

After the fall of Saturn (leaving traces of battle), the Commonwealth forces issued an ultimatum to the Earth’s Cabal and the Draconian coalition for their unconditional surrender. Part of that ultimatum was the immediate halt of all attempts to depopulate and genocide our planet’s population. As far as I am aware, the Commonwealth delivered its biggest ultimatum in 2007.

Did the Cabal listen? No. They intensified their efforts for their New World Order instead. Any attempts to reach a diplomatic solution have been for naught. However, this past March-April of 2021, there was another warning shot. The Commonwealth destroyed the communications inhibitor platforms that surrounded our planet. This means that we can now communicate with the fleet via MASER/NAZAR technology. Not via psychics. NASA rushed to explain these eruptions as “exploding comets,” which is false. Comets build up from ice particles in space, or they slowly disintegrate. They do not explode.

“So,” you will ask, “how does all of this affect our lives here and today?”

Below you will see a video on the war on consciousness. Video Credit by CSN is not endorsed and does not endorse or

The Effect on Earth and Humanity

By this point, you should have a decent overview, minus a truckload of details, of how we’ve come to be in this dark state, where we’re fighting for our survival. A once proud Earth, with advanced technology, where no life-ending diseases (look at Plato & Hesiod), has become a world where a flu virus is declared a global pandemic. From the Aegis and Atlantis (pre-corruption), where the military was 50-50 men and women, the government was 50-50 men and women; we end up in a place where we fight the division of Critical Race Theory and Communism.

Yes, these are our origins. A place of equal opportunities, where no one is left behind. A place where the governing council comes from the people. No Elites, no bloodlines. If this information became widely available, everyone would aspire to return to that era.

Until we can remember our identity and return to who we used to be, we are trapped and engaged in a global game of chess. We live on a battlefield of geostrategy and geoeconomics.

Money is of little importance. Yes, you read this right. Ever since abolishing the gold standard and the full implementation of the FIAT system, the Elites have been printing money out of thin air, drowning people in debt, and then claiming their belongings and real estate. This is part of geoeconomics. The next is minerals. This is the final goal of “The Great Reset.”

Earlier I spoke a little about “Q” and expressed my doubts. My reasoning relies on the mysterious “absence” of the Theosophic Masonry. Hyper-Lodges such as London’s -A.O.A. (Adeptis Ordo Atlantis 666) or -O.T.O. (Ordo Templis Occidentis 666) are not simply sitting this one out. In contrast, their Philosophic counterparts, such as +AOA (Astro Ordo Argentinum 888) and +OTO (Ordo Templis Orientis 888), take all the heat. Keep in mind; organized religions have defined 666 as the number of The Beast. However, in their scriptures, it also represents Western Civilization. Yes, we’ve been “branded.” The 888 you’ve most likely encountered in casinos and gambling belongs – according to the same cults – to the “good guys.” It also points to China.

Between the 666 and the 888 is the 777. That number symbolizes China’s doorstep, and organized religions have applied it to Korea. So, is there an honestly good number? As far as I know, there is a mirror to The Beast. By inversion of the 666, we get 999. However, I would be careful. Both the Cabal and the Theosophic hierarchy have defiled many symbols of the past. Look what Adolph Hitler did with the anti-matter/mind/Zeus meander symbol. He tilted it and made it the flag of his appalling Nazi Party. The sign of the mind became the disgusting swastika.

What the patriots are doing today, which is an action I have always applauded, appears to be honorable. My concern lies in the “Next Day.”

Today and our Future

The plans for World War 3 have been known among honest researchers for several decades now. After the end of the current status quo, our enemies will eventually counterattack when we least expect it. I do hope it is proven wrong or stopped.

Let’s say that the Deep State and the Cabal finally fall, and humanity enters a new era of peace and prosperity. The ancient scriptures refer to it as the 1,000-year reign of Jehovah. Will this be a good thing for humanity? Read below about “The Face of our Enemy” and judge for yourself as to who this Jehovah is.

Naturally, the references to this reign were written long before the Commonwealth reinforcements arrived. As a result, we expect a false flag of epic proportions.

I mentioned earlier that our solar system is under quarantine. Voyagers I and II are not going anywhere. They bumped into an invisible barrier and will not make it further out. That barrier is our hyper-solar sphere. If I go into details on the structure of our solar system, it will take too much space; therefore, I shall advance faster to the point.

Before I do so, I need to reveal to you the identity of the organized religion’s God. The Admiral of the Draconian coalition happens to be a notorious war criminal.

The Face of our Enemy

This is our enemy, despite all of Hollywood’s attempts to convince us otherwise. Throughout history, dragons were never on our side. The Draconians are no different.

Earlier I mentioned the corruption of Atlantis. Later came the rise of the Priest Orders. The Orders advanced to become the Templars, and the Templars became the Masons. The occult history is in the thousands of years, and its eventual Control Center is the Hyper-Lodge called Hong. Hong itself reports to the Draconian war-planet flagship named Levan, our moon. The Admiral of the enemy coalition is known as YHWH, and he is no human-like. The scripture references that say “God created man in His image” comes from our true origins. Hence the depictions of God are a softer version of Zeus or Odin. You will find the statue of YHWH inside the Forbidden City of Beijing. Yes, the God of all monotheistic religions is a dragon turtle. The same turtle that Valéry Giscard d’Estaing presented during the drafting of the European Union constitution said, “It (the turtle) has guided us throughout the ages, from the first Dynasties of China.” This was no random reference. Read the EU Observer that covered the event in 2002:  “Convention: a turtle with a dragon’s head?

Valéry Giscard d’Estaing's Dragonhead Turtle. Image credit,

Throughout the years, YHWH has gone by many names. A few of them are Yahweh, Jehovah, Sin, Sion, Sina, Elloh, Elohim, Allah, Yund, Jade, Jedi, Yendai, Asmondai, and even Metatron. Yes, God was his own scribe. However, he does have two lieutenants in his “holy triad” hierarchy. Those are Tamil and Kronos. The former is the commander of the second flagship, Lilith (the mother of demons), and often plays the role of the Devil/Satan, which interchanges between himself and Kronos. However, the latter has been shifting his attention for the past 70 years.

The Galactic Federation of Light is Kronos’ subordinate group and the only ones who look human. Do not be surprised. Humanity exists beyond Earth. We are just the ones trapped in prison. In religious terms, if we are to compare our life to the rest of the Commonwealth, this is Hell. It was never meant to be, but it turned out that way.

Let us return to our theme.

Once the patriots win and Earth enters an era of prosperity, sooner or later, the G.F.L. will visit us. Psychics will be tricked into believing that they came here to help us ascend to the fifth dimension. Many New-Age disciples forget to mention that 5D is the realm of our souls (yes, they are real). The so-called ascension means our death.

However, due to their losses during the Clash with the Commonwealth, the G.F.L. lacks the numbers to awe humanity. This is where Project Bluebeam comes into play. Many people have risked their lives to get a glimpse of what its purpose is. No person who knows such information stays alive for long, let alone move around freely and give seminars. I’ve seen what happens to people who know a bit too much regarding what is happening beyond our atmosphere. It is why I cannot reveal my identity. But then again, I’m just a curator.

YHWH and his coalition, including the G.F.L., are wanted, galactic criminals. They plan to break through the Commonwealth quarantine and make a run for it. However, the Draconian fleet will sustain damages, which is why these war criminals want to strip Earth bare of minerals. The Green New Deal was just the coverup. COVID was another coverup. Lock the people in cities and leave the “authorized” personnel to turn our planet into one giant mining operation. We are not the first planet, and we will not be the last. However, every world before us has been destroyed, and every civilization and soul that inhabited it is gone. I honestly hope we will not see such history repeated.

The two primary materials the Draconians are looking for are gold (energy weapon conductor) and titanium (hull armor).

The fact that the patriots are stopping (hopefully) this type of mining operation is positive. However, once Project Bluebeam is activated and the G.F.L. descends to play the role of God, things will go sideways. I do not know the details, but their intervention will cause division between nations, and humanity will eventually get rid of them as false gods. Those who would otherwise embrace the G.F.L. will be declared terrorists, either as a private person or as entire nations. There may or may not be another conflict among us, but one thing will be unavoidable. Humanity’s disposition toward the E.T.s that appear human will be hostile. The narrative is for the Draconian coalition to create a distraction that will slow down the Commonwealth’s intervention. In short, they wish to turn us into cannon fodder. This is the true purpose of Project Bluebeam. It is not about distraction from a stolen election. It is about the survival of galactic war criminals.

The mining operations are planned to proceed either the patriots stop the Green New Deal or not. We will need to be vigilant when the time comes.

I honestly hope I am wrong about this, and nothing will happen. I also honestly wish that we will not fall into this trap when it comes to pass.

The depiction of YHWH, the monotheistic religious God. Location: Forbidden City, Beijing.

The Commonwealth

Imagine a group of bank robbers sealing off all exits, barricading all windows. They hold hostages and want to steal everything inside the vault and make a run for it. Outside, the police have the entire building surrounded. The negotiations are not going anywhere. This is an illustration of what is happening to our planet and that humanity is hostage. These robbers do not mind killing us if it means securing their objectives. They’ve done so numerous times in the past.

The reason the Commonwealth has not intervened so far is because of China. The C.C.P. went as far as to dig a giant hole into Earth’s crust under the pretense of “studying geology.” In reality, they have planted high-yield nuclear warheads, which they threaten to detonate and trigger a chain reaction that will destroy our planet. There are rumors among researchers that the same happened to Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Jupiter is a different story. As a gas giant, a high-yield nuclear detonation risks igniting it and turning the planet into a second sun. Such a transformation will have Apocalyptic consequences for our solar system, which is already damaged.

I am not sure if the Commonwealth ultimatums triggered the entire operation of The Great Awakening or if it is part of the Theosophic plan. Time will tell.

In short, we are at the center of the biggest standoff in our planet’s history. This is what has terrified the Cabal above all else. They know that the Commonwealth fleet has brought a prison planet to pick up the traitors. That prison planet is called Titan. What I do know is that the reason that there has been no intervention is that they (the Commonwealth) seek to save as many as possible. It is up to each one of us if this will come to pass.

There have been many attempts at a peaceful solution. At this point, I am uncertain there will be one, or we will end up witnessing the skies fill with the overwhelming number of Commonwealth armadas. Yes, their numbers are vastly superior to the Draconian coalition. So is their technology.

To be clear, the Commonwealth are humans in nature. For the most part, Earth humanity was once colonists of the union.

Operation: Intervention

The Commonwealth fleet plan to terminate the Draconian coalition. Credit: G.H.REES.

So, how do you know when the valid Commonwealth will arrive and not its “Galactic Federation of Light” impostors? The latter will require your cooperation and will not touch any elites or governments. You will see officials and members of a “former Cabal” repenting and promising a better world. An operation by the G.F.L. will last a while.

On the other hand, a Commonwealth intervention will be swift as a matter of days. Unless our leaders and YHWH surrender, they will exterminate governments and Elites responsible for the darkness of today without hesitation. Those who will repent will go (not willingly) for “community” service. Their lives shall be extended to match the length of their given sentences. The Draconian coalition and all their allies will face complete extermination via a black hole. As will their staunchest supporters. We have one nearby, but for some “reason,” we are not detecting it. It has to do with the nature of our solar system – of every solar system.

As a comparison, an average Draconian mothership (not war-planet) has a 2km length. A Commonwealth one has over 2,000km.

I genuinely hope a peaceful solution is possible. However, the clock is ticking, and I will explain why.

Take the law of orbital distances of Titus-Bode. The formula calculates the supposed distance of each celestial body from our sun. The results are Astral Units (A.U.), where 1AU is the distance between Earth and our star. You will find that the distance of Pluto is supposed to have an aphelion (longest distance) of approximately 104AU (aphelion). At this moment, its true aphelion (longest distance) is 49.3 AU. In 2004 it was 54.5 AU. Its perihelion (closest distance) is 29.7 AU. Neptune’s average distance from the sun is 30.1 AU currently. Our planets are spiraling toward the sun. In short, our solar system is dying, and if not hit by another world, Earth will plunge into the sun. Why do you think the Elites are so obsessed with getting out of here? Well, not just them; add YHWH and his cronies to the mix. I have to admit, it is funny. The global Elite here thinks their master will take them with him. That never happened on any planet YHWH destroyed, and it will not happen here.

Past calculation of orbits at a given time. Credit: University of Oregon.

You may ask, “why is this happening to our solar system?” The short answer is that we’re missing two planets, and the gravity balance has been fatally disrupted.

The longer explanation is as follows:

Each planet in the universe is formed around high-density areas. These are known as gravity wells. It is not a process that is quick, but it is a process that happens, nonetheless. When planet Hephaestus plunged into the sun, its gravity well fused with that of our star. This will further empower the already gigantic pull of our life-giver. The increased gravity has begun to bring the planets closer together. The fall will not happen tomorrow. Heck, it may not occur within the next 100 or 500 years, but the change is happening. It took Pluto approximately 7,000 years to lose half its orbit, and it is accelerating. How long until the first collision? Or the second? Any further disruption risks of pushing Earth beyond the habitable zone. Hopefully, you get the picture.

The two-faction standoff is as follows:

The Draconian coalition has 118 visible war planets and two flagships, both of which orbit the Earth. Levan (our moon) and Lilith (behind Levan in geosynchronous orbit).

The Commonwealth has 960 war-planets, 340 of which are visible to us.

Amateur astronomers keep on discovering giant ships or fleet movements.

Early in the 2000s, NASA tested an “asteroid buster” missile technology under the pretenses of destroying asteroids that could be a threat to our planet. This operation was broadcast in public, so you can look it up. The tech is real, but the declared purpose is false. These “buster” missiles are designed to penetrate the exterior crust of a lesser celestial body and cause a nuclear detonation. This means that the target must be hollow. Asteroids are – in their overwhelming majority – not hollow. However, the war planets are. Here you can see that we are being prepared for a battle with an extraterrestrial civilization. And the ruling class wants to condition us to attack those who have come to help us.

The two fleet composition. Top: Commonwealth, Bottom: Draconian coalition. Credit: G.H.REES.

The U.F.O. Sightings

In short, they are either hostile or Above-Top Secret Earth craft. None of them are friendlies. None. Period.

The same goes for every interior planet of our solar system, from Mercury to Jupiter, including Mars.

The reason is that we live inside a defensive matrix, which will trigger the moment a Commonwealth vessel approaches.

However, there has been something noteworthy. I have spoken of the Draconian forces as a coalition. One of their allied species is the Grays or Vrill (possibly connected to the Vrill society). These are also known as Orionians, who joined YHWH’s rebellion over his promise to heal them and stop their extinction genetically. As usual, that was a promise that this galactic war criminal broke. Instead, he utilized their D.N.A. for two reasons. First, to construct a specific race here on Earth with the sole intent of conquering it. The other was to create the tall Grays, basically soulless, bloodthirsty creatures, that stink like garbage. Ever since their development, the visits from the original, short Grays have become somewhat rare.

From the early 2000s, I had the opportunity to discuss with abducted people. One of them maintained contact with a few original Grays. At the time, due to YHWH’s broken promise, 15% of their population was ready to revolt against the Draconians and sought refuge in the Commonwealth fleet. I have lost contact with the person since, as I had to lay low for an extended period.

The Grays are generally highly psychic beings, and they tend to channel to various psychics. They are also known to project dreams. Levan is equipped with “projection cannons” that utilize solar light as a source and medium of transmission. Many of the Grays are known to “play” with those cannons to enhance their psychic abilities. Hence the full moon is known to cause unrest to both people and our planet’s fauna. There have been occurrences that entire towns experienced the same dreams. In recent years, this has become a sort of common phenomenon. If you ever experience something like that, know that Gray/Vrill is playing with your mind. However, I am not aware if the tall Vrill share this level of psychic strength. Draconians are master geneticists but attaching higher properties to a body is not an easy task.

One aspect worth mentioning is that a few reports of Commonwealth Andromedans covertly existing the South Pole base and mingle with humanity for a short time and then return. However, the exact details of their missions are not known. I have not been able to verify this, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Souls and Evolution

I mentioned above that souls are real. To all the Atheists out there, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. Possessions are actual too. All of it has nothing to do with the supernatural. It is all based on a level of science that we are not given access to. While I’m writing this, I remember one time I watched some “New-Age” person who claimed that there is no science in space. I think I was laughing for days.

Speaking of “New-Age” religions, ladies and gentlemen of that creed, 5D ascension is a lie. The only way you “elevate” to that dimension is via death, plain and simple. If any of you claim to have been in a 5D world, either it was a projection within your minds, or you experienced it via astral travel. Numerous ancient civilizations explain that the soul is composed of the nous (mind) and the psyche (core). The psyche always remains anchored to the center of the thorax, no matter what. The nous, hosted inside our brain, can depart and experience the world from a different perspective while tethered to the psyche. If that tether breaks or the psyche is pulled out, the body enters a permanent coma or dies.

Equally, if a soul is too weak, it leaves space for invasion and take-over by a Draconian soldier of the 5D. Yes, a hostile soul/spirit. This is a game YHWH has played, especially during the dark ages, to reinforce his reign among the uneducated and highly superstitious populations. Vile spirits can never overpower a strong soul.

So, where do souls come from? In short, they are born in stars. Soulmates are souls born in neighboring solar systems, while twin flames were born in the same star. However, I shall not expand further.

Our universe is intelligent, as proven in a 2013 study on the coalescent entropy. Galaxies are interconnected like a tapestry of a gigantic nervous system. Our cosmos is alive, and we are part of it. This is why everything is connected. To illustrate better, our souls are already in the 5D realm of matter density. This happens because our bodies are evolved enough in the race-subrace spectrum to allow them to host higher energies. Flesh and bones compose the car that is your body. The soul is the driver.

All of it has to do with the stages of matter/energy evolution throughout the development of our universe. However, cosmogony is a colossal chapter I’d prefer not to cover at this point, at least.

The evolution process goes through a series of stages. It all begins from chaotic entropy to rise into a state of structured order – always in the field of energy. The only way to that structured existence is by bringing particles and sub-particles closer together to form what we call matter (1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D). This goes all the way from the original building blocks of everything, called the Etheric Dodecahedron Matrix (which reflects to the structure of our universe), to the construction of the Quantum Particles, to the buildup of our commonly known Quarks, Neutrons, Electrons, Atoms, Molecules, and so on.

Once a being evolves enough, elements of its structure rise in the race-subrace level become capable of creating a link to higher level energies, hence able to host a soul. The matter level we all exist today is the 4D or fourth dimension of matter/energy density. The fact that we can see it has nothing to do with our eyes alone. The size of photons happens to be bigger than the distance between the atoms of the 4D, which causes them to deflect, reach the back of our eyes and form the actual mirror image of what we call sight. Any being above that level, for example, 5D, the atom distances are more significant than the size of those photons. Therefore they do not deflect in the same manner to allow us to see that dimension. However, each dimension can affect its neighboring one via technology only. Before I bring some examples, it is worthwhile to know that our souls are already 5D.

Therefore, when the “Galactic Federation of Light” says we’re going to evolve into 5D, their words translate to “we’re going to kill you all and harvest your souls.” Simple as that. The activities of the Draconian coalition are bent on de-evolving us, not evolving us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be reduced to the puny lifespan that we have today.

Here is why we cannot “ascend” to 5D with our bodies intact.

Each dimension of matter/energy density has specific pre-requisites. The prime is the change of the distance between the atoms that comprise it. To be more exact, the volume of a 5D being is 106 times larger than a being in the 4D. This means that the distances between the atoms grow long enough so that the photons tend to slip right through. This also means that the charge required to maintain those distances is less than the one needed to maintain a 4D connection. Thus, excess energy is released. If we take all the atoms inside our body, a transition from 4D to 5D is equal to a nuclear detonation. Do you think our genetic code will survive that? No, it will not. Any ascension happens naturally, and any direct intervention has undesired side effects.

However, there are elements of the 5D we utilize today, and we do not know it. Air is the biggest of them. It may be on the lower aspect of entropy; before matter, it still follows the structure of a 5D entity. We cannot see it, but we can breathe it. On hot days, its particles are super-charged and vibrate in such frequency that they displace the paths of photons to give us the reflective illusions that all of us have seen at some part in our lives. I have heard of Flat-Earth believers use this as “proof” that our planet is flat, as this effect has made things appear higher than they already are. The answer to this theory is no; Earth is not flat. The amount of energy required to run such a ship is astronomical. And as much as it pains me to admit it, we are not that important as a species. Our enemy seeks to harvest our planet, not invest extravagant amounts of matter and energy so that we believe we are prisoners. Besides that, how do you direct a gravity well to work in parallels and not in convergence? I would like to know. I believe the universe itself would like to know.

The second example of 5D interaction, similar to air, is fire. However, flames come with extreme energy emissions, which vibrate the photons into a high activity state. Hence it is visible. The third example is a more structured one and is indeed fully 5D. That is called electricity. It is the fundamental element that allows our bodies to exist. We cannot see it, but we can feel it, and it is the prime reason we are so susceptible to electromagnetism, natural or artificial. Remember, our souls are 5D, and this technology affects us dearly. This is the answer to the 5G network a lot of people are concerned about today. The microwaves of that technology, if powered beyond a specific frequency, can disrupt the electromagnetic balance of our body/soul symbiosis and alter the charge of our cells to a lower degree. This, by itself, can induce imbalance, as when cells lose their electrical charge, it causes sickness. Even our Earth has an electromagnetic field down in detail. Look up Hartman lines and how conductors, geodetic anomalies, and electricity affect it – and how it affects us in return. Now you get the idea of why we feel so energized when we return to nature and touch the ground.

For the sake of health, I will expand a bit on the Hartman lines and our planet’s energy grid. Hopefully, this will allow you to understand better why you get some health issues when not induced by harmful chemicals in the food that treacherous corporations put on our table. However, I will not expand into everything. The Hartman lines are Earth’s grid of electromagnetic emissions. These are similar to a Cartesian grid and have a 3-meter distance and form squares of 2×2.5 = 5 square meters of surface. Each line is approximately 21 centimeters wide. Ancient civilizations were able to detect those lines by using light rods made of iron. The natural electromagnetism would align the rods and allow the detection of such outlines long before Hartman. If you stand on the 2×2.5 surfaces is healthy. Being inside the 8cm lines is not. Being inside the 8×8 cm2 region is fatal. Rivers, fault lines, metal, electricity, penthouses tend to bend those lines. They attract them. Ever wondered why people who live under high-voltage power lines tend to develop leukemia? Now you know why. The 21×21 area is also named the “Death Spot.” Penthouses in skyscrapers are death traps. The reason is that the long metals used to stabilize a tall building are conductors that attract the Death Spots. Therefore, the residents of such places live inside a distorted, highly dense field of Hartman lines. If the building is too tall, the residents exist in a small grid of 1×1 meters of no Death Spots, or even a 50cm by 50cm or less. If that building hosts a cell phone tower, the convergence of those spots is even higher, regardless of the type of radiation it emits. Add the 5G in the equation, and you have yourselves a pretty “explosive” cocktail.

Throughout this “crash course” – because this is what this has been – I hope you received a basic understanding of how everything in our world is connected. Honestly, not just in our world, but the entire universe itself. This information is not a red pill. It is a red canister that needs to be handled carefully. Try to swallow it in one go, and you risk suffocating or, worse, going insane. Therefore, please take it with a grain of salt and start doing your research to verify. Do not take my word for granted.

Hartmann Lines. Credit: Davlos Historical Scientific magazine, Issue 260-261, August-September 2003


There is no reasonable conclusion without mentioning the floating abominations of our planet. I am more than 100% certain that they will try to attack me or – per their habit – pay a few cyber-Antifa to do it for them. To be honest, little do I care. Everything is cause and effect, and it would appear humanity is taking its more significant test ever. The Deep State, the corrupt individuals (Elite or not), all levels of the Pyramid structure have been given a chance after chance to do the right thing. Guess what, they all failed most spectacularly, and I do not envy the fate that awaits them.

This is why the current rulers of our world are terrified. It shows with every move they make. From the COVID lockdowns, the United Nations has issued a climate “crisis” report, nothing more than fear propaganda. The corrupt politicians now scramble to tell us to lockdown because of climate change. This is one giant B.S. These biped abominations will stop at nothing to impose their absolute totalitarian regime. And since they all grew in riches, without having to ever think about anything hard in their lives, they’ve grown to be mediocrities at best.

Our future is up to us. The Draconian rebellion has been utterly defeated, and this is their last stand. Part of me thinks that the local Commonwealth command may be enjoying watching the panic of the traitors. Yes, YHWH has an extensive rap sheet, which can wrap around the Earth several times. However, the delays of the Milky Way government have annoyed the neighboring galaxies that demand a swift end to the war that nearly triggered a chain reaction that could trigger undesirable effects in the universe’s nervous system.

So, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Another Perseus assault. Only this time, the target will be our sun. You see, every solar system is a miniature representation of the greater, just as our brains are a tiny universe. Just as we are ourselves, it’s fractal mathematics, which has been proven repeatedly. Another study demonstrated that all our visible galaxies rotate toward the same, counterclockwise direction. According to really ancient archives – verified by several research groups like H.R.G. (Hellenic Restoration Group AKA G.H.REES.), this type of rotation is attributed to the anti-matter or “mind” section of our universe. Since we can see them, it means we are all made of anti-matter as well. So, how do we see matter? We perceive it as a form of dark matter. Sun in the “matter realm” appears like a black hole to us, just as our sun appears like a black hole to the other side.

Earlier I mentioned that we have a nearby black hole. That’s the matter-sun. Every solar system has a sun and an anti-sun, and we orbit the latter. And if our side of the solar system collapses, the gravity imbalance with slingshot our perceived anti-solar system and its black hole throughout the galaxies. This is something the Commonwealth will never allow.

Can this be stopped? There might be a slow way, but I do not have the technical background to support it. I know there is a fast way. An artificially induced supernova will reset the entire hyper-solar system: both matter and anti-matter elements. As time progresses, the swift method is gaining more and more ground.

So, what do we do? Do we end the Cabal and enter the planned 1,000-year Jehova’s (YHWH) reign and grow complacent? Or do we look further to free ourselves once and for all? From where I see it, there will not be a 1,000-year reign. This plan was thousands of years in the making and did not anticipate the arrival of the Commonwealth fleets.

Now, I know all of this sounds like a nicely developed story. As I mentioned near the beginning, it took me decades to digest all this information to “translate” it into a language the average person will understand.

If you reached this far, this means that you are not one of the complacent ones. What I would recommend is do not to take a single word I said as accurate. Research and verify. Come to your own conclusions. However, be very mindful of the symbolisms present in the variety of sources out there. The reason is that the Cabal and the Theosophists have “Guard Dogs” out there who seek those who deviate from the controlled “flock” and divert them into areas of mental collapse. Discredit and ridicule is their purpose. Thus, if you decide to take this journey, be mindful and vigilant.

Any information you discover that clarifies or alters some of what I mentioned herein is welcome, as long as it can be verified and is not ill-willed. The image of our history is giant and consists of far too many little puzzle pieces. It is natural to have missing parts with all the genocides and catastrophes we suffered as human beings. Our enemies made sure of that.

The entire article is information that I am offering freely. The reason is that I believe that every single person should enjoy complete freedom and sovereignty while respecting their fellow human being. If you believe what you learned here today is worthwhile, feel free to pass the information around freely. The cults have accumulated knowledge and kept it under lock and key for their sole, totalitarian benefit alone.

I do not believe in privileged groups.

I believe in the equal opportunity of all to choose their own paths and build their own destinies. Whether this is alongside the power of our universe or not is up to you. Just know this: you are part of something compelling and magnificent. You can either utilize it or cut yourself off. The only rule that is set by cosmic law is: respect our universe. That’s it.

Do what you must.

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Fri Aug 20 , 2021
A truly powerful video regarding the totalitarian regime that is building in Australia and across the world. It is time to resist, uphold our freedoms and respect humanity.

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