Humans of Earth Part 1

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With everything that has been going on lately, we decided to reach out to someone who has been researching behind the curtain of what all of us have been witnessing. The information we received is nothing less of breathtaking. Reader discretion is advised and please perform your own research before you accept or reject anything.

A Journey of Discovery

Several decades ago, I discovered several books that spoke about the true origins of humanity. It was an uplifting piece of literature that made extraordinary claims about our D.N.A., about our role on planet Earth, and other – hard to believe – theories. I was curious. I sought out more books from the same author, which said the same things in different words. My curiosity pulled me into a journey, and I had no idea where it would lead. One thing was indisputable: I was eager but not ready.

The Power Structure

I had an idea or two about the masonic structure and the higher elites. Believe it or not, the teachers at school warned us about it. So, many in my area grew up with a decent understanding of it. However, very few tried to learn more, which is a pity. The Masonic lodges mainly known today are nothing more than the second step in the grand pyramid structure. The Rotary Club is like a preschool to Free Masonry, and Free Masonry is the prep for the actual Masonry. The latter is where the “good deals” are made and turn their loyalists rich out of nowhere. It may not come as a surprise that this low level of cultish authority branches out at higher ranks. I choose the word “cultish” intentionally. Actual Masonry is all about the inversion of mainstream religion, where its 10+ rank disciples worship Satan as “God.” It is common practice.

I still have not begun to tickle the surface, let alone scratch it. When I learned of this from dissidents and survivors of this cult – people who had their lives destroyed by the cultists (Cancel Culture anyone?), I thought I hit the jackpot. I was wrong.

The structure of Masonry is straightforward. However, it goes far beyond what most believe to be “Free Masonry.” Besides the “mainstream” lodges, there are the S.P.E. (Special Purpose Entity) ones. Those are either political or simply a different level of the occult. No matter how important the members of those lodges appear, they are of low rank.

As one “ascends” Masonry toward the higher power levels, it splits into two highways:

The Philosophic (symbolisms of + or D) includes the corporate, banking, and government structure.

The Theosophic (symbolisms of or Ñ) focuses on the spiritual path and claims dominance over the religion’s high ranks.

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Please note that I am not speaking about degrees, which happen to be 33 visible ones for the average lodge. I am talking about “exiting” the realm of the… clubs and entering the dominion of the hyper-lodges.

To the eyes of the informed world, the + and the appear hostile to one another. Behind closed doors, they are anything but enemies, hence their ± symbolism. Skulls and Bones, Illuminati – they ring fear to a lot of people, as they should. However, no, they are not the supreme power, and they never were. They are third in rank, and there is no way up for them. It is how the power structure has been set up for a while now. If any of you reading this belongs to those cults, my words are not my fault. They are a status quo. However, rest assured, it will not last for long, and the end of the cultists will not be a glorious one.

How did I get all this information? Initially, I stumbled on it. At the time, my curiosity took me on a journey where I would consume enormous amounts of data. My goal was the bigger picture, not the petty squabbles of the power-hungry. After talking to people of various backgrounds (historians, archaeologists, researchers, spiritual leaders, security, and military), I had to restructure much of what I had learned. Remember the books that put me on this journey? It turned out they were disorientation propaganda—all of them. When I did my due diligence on the author, I discovered that he was mentally incapacitated and acted only as a front. There was a ghostwriter behind those shady publications.

Another helpful element was whistleblowers and survivors of such cults. A few of them had the guts to go out and inform those who would listen. Many of them, however, suffered dire consequences. You see, cults follow a specific approach, much similar to the Cancel Culture of today. The first introductions happen via fraternities. Their Greek namings are simply a hybris to an ancient civilization. Throughout history, the predecessors of such fraternities and despots sought to destroy ancient Greece, not spread its knowledge and message. If these occultists were representing that spirit, their knowledge would not be clandestine.

In the beginning, it was the Priest Orders. Then it was the Templars. Now it’s the Masons. All of them had (and have) a process for dealing with “dissidents.” Anyone who knew their secrets and leave; they would be terminated. Economically, socially, and – at times – physically. Does that sound like Cancel Culture to you? Good. Now you know its origins.

After speaking to many people, visiting places, attending meetings, researching ancient scripture and handwritten reports, I started to see things differently. The first thing I noticed was the ideological subversion of my country. It was nothing like the U.S. My area has been through wars and genocides for over 2.5 millennia. So, ours was less refined. Communism was breathing down our necks for more than a century, and it nearly tore my country apart. So, yes, there was a lot of data to discover. Americans who support socialism and communism today are lost causes, I’m afraid. Their persistence in ignorance will not be a disaster; it will be an Apocalypse they will never recover from.

During the era of Ronald Regan, the western world adored the U.S. Then, the Deep State started to turn more visible and became the ambassador for the American people. As a foreigner, I have to say this: you do not want such an ambassador. The things the Clinton family has done to the part of the world I grew up in are monstrous. Every person with self-respect and dignity loathes that family and everyone who works with them.

Thankfully, Hillary did not become President in 2016. If she did, we would be plunging into World War III. When Donald Trump won the White House, I was thankful the Clintons were out. I knew little about what was going on in the U.S., other than what the media said. Thankfully, I threw the T.V. out a very long time ago. When I saw the warning signs in America, I tried to warn people to be careful and not repeat the mistakes from my part of the world. I suppose I thought Americans were eager to learn about other parts of the globe and what had happened there. Unfortunately, the people I tried to warn were Liberals with (as I learned later) a Trump Derangement Syndrome. Their vicious attacks made my perception of America collapse like a deck of cards.

I was called various names, including being a “QAnon Satanist” (!). My first thought was, “what on Earth is a QAnon?” I finally learned what it all means. It was the Summer of 2020. And if I may address my name-callers, who happen to be woefully ignorant, there is Q, and there are Anons (from Anonymous). I was always an adaptive and patient person. However, I have little tolerance for stupidity and none for corruption. I was never a follower of anything or anyone, but I had to decide quickly. Repair the bridges with the Liberals or help those who wanted to save America. I blew up those bridges with no second thought, and I have zero regrets. I’m too old to deal with amoebas, and I know what they did to my country.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Soon after, the election fraud came. I did not go to bed on the night of November 3rd of 2020, and saw the discrepancies in real-time. It all soon became apparent. The Democratic party, the Big Tech, and the Elite follow the Philosophic Masonry path. Products of that creed, such as censorship, fear campaigns, and totalitarianism, are factors every person with common sense would stand up against. However, throughout the ages, there was always a “fixed” adversary. The dualism of “good versus evil.” On stage, Philosophic Masonry constantly battled the Theosophic one. So, where were the Theosophists? Where are those who align themselves with all organized religions on the planet?

I took a deep dive to research the details of everything going on in the U.S. And voila! Tons of religious references on texts which were malformed and adjusted from their original versions. Mind you; I had access to many of the writings that compose today’s Bible, as close to the originals as possible. If you put them all together, you build five Bibles, not one. What circulates in the western world is a “censored and adjusted” version of the original. However, I have no desire to delve into it. I gave up the effort a long time ago when I realized people are happy with being slaves than looking into what they indeed are. Unfortunately, our planet has developed a massive Stockholm Syndrome, which I will have to address further down.

Either you like it or not, Theosophic Masonry controls the highest ranks of all religions and cults, including Satanism. That is a fact, and feel free to research it. The God of faith is no adversary to Satan; he is the commander, and Satan is the tool. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up in the book of Iov (ΙΩΒ) in the Old Testament (I will put some verses from the original language from the texts of Mount Athos). The Devil is nothing more than a boogieman who plays a staged role. And all of this is orchestrated by the Theosophic Masonry.

The entire Divide and Conquer scheme is nothing more than a script between the two Masonic branches. And the reason is that the overseer lodge is a unified Command Center: The Supreme Lodge of Hong, in Shanghai, China. Yes, China.

This level of coordination between the two Masonic branches has me question the true and long-term goal of “The Plan.” With everything I have witnessed throughout my life, I have good reasons to be suspicious of everything. However, I agree with the notion that this war has been ongoing for thousands of years.

The Origins of our Suffering

The answers are in our history, especially the ancient and beyond. When I speak of ancient history, I mean both mainstream and the “deleted” because it inconvenienced the ruling elites of the time. Does the deletion of history sound familiar? Good. Our ancients had ancients, and some of their information survived. Due to the location, I grew up in and some – however, limited – experience in ancient languages and symbolism, I could access some valuable pieces. The learning process was slow, painful, but in the end, it was an eye-opener. I reached as close to the source material as I possibly could. Yes, if anyone wonders, I discovered deliberate “errors” in translated versions of the material I researched. They were carefully picked words that would deviate significant meanings and distort the actual information entirely.

Our mainstream “ancient time” begins the 4th millennia B.C.E. (Before Common Era) or B.C. for others. In history, the 4th millennia B.C.E. means the years 3,999 – 3,000 BCE. It is a reverse numbering process that may confuse a few. Genesis speaks about the creation of the Earth in 4,000 BC, which most definitely is not a coincidence. As you can understand, I’m afraid I must disagree with a 6,000-year-old planet. It is scientifically impossible, and many ancient civilizations said that the only way to understand the divine is via your mind, your reason. At first, there was no “Word of God,” and I am sorry to offend devout believers, but we ought it to ourselves to respect history. The phrase used in Genesis originates from the ancient Greek phrase “En arhe, en o Logos.” Its translation is not “In the beginning; there was The Word.” Logos is the root of logic. Therefore, the understanding of the divine is through reason and logic. That is what the phrase says. Logos can become “Word” only via a verbal precedent. That verb is “ekfrazo” (express/extract/construct). Therefore, “Ekfrazo Logo” means “I speak” and therefore becomes the medium to form one “Word” or words. Logos itself does not mean “Word,” not by a long shot. Sorry.

At this point, some of you may ask: “Is there a God?” The answer is yes; however, not in the way that the Theosophic Masonry projects to you. I will not enter the root etymology of the word “God” and its origins but rest assured, there is one. Your prayers are heard, but some of them are intercepted by someone you’d rather not know. However, I will describe further down who that is. At this point, I will quote an old political figure I despise: “The best way to control a rebellion is to lead it,” Joseph Stalin. He did not invent that quote, but it happens in many aspects of our lives, including organized religion. Remember the boogieman Satan I mentioned above? How many of you know that the word Satan originated from Setanu, an adopted naming of the Egyptian God of Darkness, Set/Seth? For those who have an idea, now you understand the reasoning behind the dark Temple of Set. The Hebrew leaders invented Satan to keep their unrest people in check after they departed Egypt.

Below you will see the original texts and explanations as to how God utilized Satan as a tool (credit Davlos Historical Research magazine, Issue 146, February 1994). You can see further references – in English – here.

The 4th millennia B.C.E. was the end of the Copper Age of humanity and the entry to the Iron Age. No, this has nothing to do with metals. It has everything to do with the level of society. The only people who registered those events are the scholars of the civilizations that existed in those times. Specifically, the most recent violent transition occurred around 3,615 BCE, which happens to be the “beginning” of mainstream antiquity. Beyond that era, everything seems to fade into oblivion, which benefits Elites and bloodlines for a good reason. Even the famous Chinese dynasties dare not claim a more extended history because they fear that “dangerous” data regarding the human past will come out. It is why the C.C.P. ousted German Archaeologists and buried their findings of an ancient city at the beginning of the 21st century.

Obscure Clues and Information

Before we continue any further, I must clear out the etymology of a keyword. That word is “myth.” Myth does not translate to fairytale or fable.” Para-myth (diversion from the myth) does. The term “Myth” originates from “Mitos” (μίτος/μύθος/mythos), which means “thread.” The story of the “Ariadne’s Mitos” (Ο μίτος της Αριάδνης) was the thread that led Theseus out of the Minotaur’s maze. Therefore, mythology/mitology (μυθολογία/μιτολογία) stands for “the literature of the guiding thread.” Its encoded approach was like the military communication cipher between the ancient Greek colonies and the mainland. During that time, paintings on amphorae would depict enemy horde movements, which pirates and enemies always ignored when raided merchant ships. As you see, mythology was essentially encrypted information and encoded history.

With the expansion of the Pantheon Priest Orders, many feared for their lives. Therefore, instead of passing on history, events, and information in the literal sense, scholars chose to implement mitology in their writings. Others would outright underline their scriptures with “what I will write is a lie.” Loukianos (Lucian of Samothrace) is a prime example of that. Why would they do that? They were afraid for their lives and that their work would be destroyed. The Great Library of Alexandria and the Great Library of Pergamos suffered catastrophic fires three times. Organized religion fanatics went as far as to name Pergamos “The Lair of the Devil” because that library exposed the deception of the rising organized religion.

Now that we established the definition of mythology, it makes one curious, doesn’t it? It is no longer a fable for children or grown-ups. It contains elements of history, written in a way that most could understand but deciphered by few. Let’s play a game, shall we? Imagine you traveled back in time and showed your cell phone to a villager in the 15th century. That display would secure you a place at the stake for witchcraft. Sir Arthur C. Clarke said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” If you used the phrase “God speaks to me through the glass of this metal tablet and shows me the world,” your chances of becoming barbecue would be less. However, if you said you bear a divine tablet of light without showing anything further, you’d probably be revered as a prophet. Sad, but true. Now you get the idea of the reasoning behind the mythology.

Another example is Homer (the ancient, not Simpson) and his work in the Iliad. The “Chariots of the Gods” used to lift torrents of dust before they would take off. Sound familiar? It was his way of describing flying objects, though I am uncertain per the type of engine those vessels used. There were no flames in Homer’s descriptions; therefore, a chemical reaction is out of the question.

On a similar note, imagine you arrive at a time where people completely lack education, identical to cave dwellers. How would you describe to them the President of the United States? Perhaps you would say, “he is a man who orders vast armies and bears great powers that can shatter the Earth” (meaning bunker-buster bombs or nuclear weapons). The cavemen would automatically think that the person you describe is a God. Believe it or not, this is how the Pantheons of the ancient civilizations came to be. After the great catastrophes, descriptions of influential people became points of reverence. The word power changed its meaning from issuing executive orders to throwing lightning bolts from one’s hands. Such is the effect of the absence of education.

Today, some claim that there were no twelve Gods but thirteen. It is something we see in Krishna or Jesus, among others. One leader, twelve disciples. This formula was based on the pre-ancient structure of the High Council that ruled the Golden and the Silver Age of humanity. Thirteen total members, twelve in a circular/spherical system, and a president/leader. All of them were mortals – who were later mistaken for Gods. Have you noticed that the European Union still uses the same tactic of the cycling president-state? Or even that they still use the 12 stars on their flag? The E.U. itself is not a devout government structure; therefore, this reference does not reflect religious beliefs. It reflects the design of an older era. And as always, the Elites tailor history to fit their agenda. However, what is noteworthy is that there were 27 more members to that council, known as “Peripheral Members.” In the Pantheon ages, we encounter them as “the lesser deities.” The ruling council was, therefore, a 13+27=40 member one.

Let’s focus on the number 27 for a moment, as its importance is equally significant. If we mirror it, like the Masonic cults tend to do, we get 72. Think of Luke 10, where Jesus mentions that 72 members (or some form of disciples) will pave the way for him. Additionally, it was 72 Rabbis who translated their holy scriptures from Aramaic to ancient Greek. The highest and most obscure Masonic Lodges comprise 72 members per chamber (72 Philosophic + 72 Theosophic). It gives us the number 144. John’s Revelation speaks of the “Chosen 144,000 that will survive the Apocalypse.” Is this a coincidence? No, it is not. Today’s bible attempts to answer this number, which – in reality – is anything but true.

By this stage, I bashed organized religion. I even said that God is real, but nothing is what religious texts suggest. Now it is time to move to the next step, which will explain the origin and nature of the spiritual God.

Throughout the millennia, enemies of humanity have gone to great lengths to obscure or destroy references and proof of our identity. What we see today with the rewriting of history has been ongoing for a long time. Therefore, at some point, I must enter a realm of information where I do not hold tangible proof in my hands. If I had, I wouldn’t be alive today. What I do have is numerous indications. So, I shall leave everything up to your critical thinking and judgment. We are all free beings, after all. At least we are supposed to be.

Before we go into the depths, we need a transition for easier understanding.

"The vitory of Dionysus in India," 7,500BCE. Ivory compass in the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

Rising beyond Earth

For starters, think of the tribe of the Dogon of Mali, Africa. I believe a documentary was recently filmed about them. It accurately portrayed that these people have tremendous knowledge about our galaxy without owning a single telescope. They claim that this information was given to them by visitors who did not belong on our planet. From there on, the explanations the documentary attempts to offer per these visitors are simply misleading, if not outright false.

The second phase of this transition comes from the initial statement from a U.S. General named Martin (last name). I do not remember his first name, as the announcement took place in 2002-2003. More specifically, a journalist asked him why the military was sending troops to Mars. His response was, “many believe that there are no threats from space, but we know that this is not the case.” In short, what was the General expecting? I attempted to find his statement online, but I had no luck.

The third phase is a more recent hearing with Senator Blumenthal that took place in 2019 (video below). During that hearing, the Senator said that the American people have no idea of the immensity of threat from space. It is worthwhile to notice the fear featured in the faces of those involved, especially the Senator. Yes, there is an immense threat from space, but for who?

Hint: welcome to prison-planet Earth, a world that was once free.

CSN Comment: In the next part (2), we will publish the testimony on the state of our solar system as well as what our future may hold.

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