The Gene Therapy

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We live inside in a crossfire. Many from our network believed in the good work the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, was doing for the country. There was no way that Biden could do anything better, only worse. Additionally, the entire Democratic Party has become a shell of an organization filled with criminals and liars. The old GOP isn’t far behind.

When the election fraud occurred, many Americans became upset but not violent. Violence is only the work of the communist Deep State, BLM, and AntiFa (which is anything BUT anti-fascist). The word around the so-called conspiracy theorists was that the loss is part of The Plan. The reasoning behind it was that everyone, minus a 3-4%, would need to be awake. This level of wait can be tiring for the people who suspected what is happening, but everyone appeared to agree: “let’s wait and try to wake people up.”

Biden has since proved to be a catastrophe. We can safely say that Afghanistan was the topping on a big cake of corruption. However, many people – us included – noticed something out of the ordinary—something he should have never have said. Donald J. Trump came forth several times and recommended that Americans would take the vaccine. Some pundits ignored it, others were baffled, and a few tried to justify it. Praying Medic on Telegram posted a video not too long ago, asking people to basically “decipher” the President’s words and that he was speaking to the “normies.”

Dear Praying Medic, we have nothing against you, but this was a cheap excuse, and you know it. It is excuses that endanger alliances, and they should never happen in dark times such as these. In fact, President Trump has been recommending it since your video.

Our reasoning behind this protest is as follows:

In the numerous advertised Q posts, everyone mentioned that The Plan was formulated to avoid casualties and wake up everyone, minus a 3-4% – which would be “too far gone.” Please correct us if we’re wrong, but 96% of the American population is bound to have “normies” in them. Others claimed that President Trump has to maintain a narrative. This narrative level would include: yes, brag about the vaccine; yes, brag about the speed; yes, brag about how it allowed the economy to open up again. And the narrative could finish with a simple “anyone who wants it may take it” at worst. However, recommending it to the population? No. Over 50% of the American population has taken this gene therapy, and unless something else is going on behind closed doors, their health will be going down a very ominous path.

Is this what The Plan calls “you and your families are safe?” Nearly 170 million Americans have taken it. Was it a serum or salt-water placebo? Because if it was not, we are looking at the greatest genocide in the history of planet Earth.

We are highly against the injustice and the horrors perpetrated by the Elite, the Deep State, the Central Banks, and the upper levels of hierarchy. Yes, this is a war that has been ongoing for millennia. However, what The Plan looks like is a little taste of the sweetness of how everything looks until people are ready to follow the planners into the unmarked van.

Until a convincing and factual explanation rises in the future, we will be critical of both sides.

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