The War on Consciousness

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The year of 2020 had started with great expectations and ended with misery and disappointment. The United states has watched as several movements have risen and cascaded through its people. Now in January 2021, we are truly in a war of good versus evil. However, it is not truly as clear of one side being all benevolent while the another is malicious. No. The American people are in the midst of the War on Consciousness. This war is different. Where lines have been drawn, secrets told, lies revealed and thrown out into the public eye for judgment by all. Friendships have been ruined, families torn apart, the deepest, darkest parts of our cores have been born in the name of personal righteousness. The lines, as in any war, are not truly drawn as straight as they appear.

Each side has been relentlessly demonized by the other side. However, within both sides lies good as well as evil. It is up to us, the people to decide what is good and what is truly malevolent. While there are plenty of situations which are clearly labeled as evil, are the ones labeled as good: truly good? Or does an evil lie there, only buried, hidden from the eyes of its followers while they run the atrocities of the other side in front of them. There is truly much more to see than what appears on the surface.

We have been taught to choose a side. And with that choice to then follow without question. We then are told to demonize the other side. However, are there not good and evil to both sides? While tempers are boiling over, emotions high, threats being thrown at each other, as darkness continues to wash across what was once the Land of the Free, the people of America have a chance, a choice to stand up. To not only stand up, but a choice to fight. An opportunity to right the wrong, in full view of the world.

While all sides tend to harbor the moderate and then also the extreme of their own sides, there are also people that are lost within both sides. People that are pulled along in the stampede and caught in the undertow. People who have chosen the side they follow based upon a few principles that they find enduring. Is it unfair to state that both sides have principles that are good but also principles that are malicious? It is not only a fair statement, but a statement of truth.

With that I call for Unity. Unity of the American people. Not a unity to one side or another. A unity where the good and negative of both sides are born for all to see. A Unity based upon a more Centrist standpoint where the acknowledgment of neither sides being totally good, and neither are truly evil. A Unity based upon the People coming together and voicing against the extremes of both sides.

We, The People now must take the opportunity to bring to an end the fighting, the violence, pitting brother against brother and align together to fight the true evil on both sides.

Now is the time to place aside petty differences. To let go of the wrongdoings. To come together as a united ONE.

The World is Watching.

And Where We Go One, We Go All.

Siren Calling

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