The Age of Tyranny

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We are standing at the precipice of a global tyranny, imposed on us under the guise of a “pandemic.” People have been placed under house arrest for a sickness that is basically between the common cold and the flu.

MD Dr. Kaufman speaks to Denmark

Every renown scientist on the planet is warning us about this. In India, the government has implemented a COVID package, which includes the medicines necessary as a prophylactic and early treatment of the highly advertised virus. Its cost? $2.86 United States Dollars.

The Anti-COVID Kit

However, this solution does not favor the thievery of the Deep State everywhere. Nor does it help the eugenics program of Bill Gates or the global totalitarian regime that Klaus Schwab dreams of. For once they complete this abomination of a plan, they all can continue to ravage and drain our children of their blood to maintain their “elixir” and high money prospects.

The question is, what is the other side doing? Where are the good guys?

Yes, there is a form of plan taking place, but it is almost due time for transparency – for this is what we have all been promised. Several countries are contemplating civil war in Europe. In the United States, there is a lot of chatter of people picking up their weapons and charge against the tyranny.

If President Trump meant what he said about not wanting to incite a civil war, then the time of disclosure must come. Waiting on “public opinion” will eventually leave no public, let alone opinion. It will all back fire. We are seeing this.

Our constitution and the people of all the countries must be protected. This cannot happen under the veil of darkness. That veil belongs to the dark side. Humanity is about to spiral downward and whoever appears as the “savior” once that happens, will only attract the people’s seemingly inevitable wrath.

Thus, the final question is this:

Will there be freedom, justice, truth, and transparency? Or will people have to claim it themselves with whatever dire consequences this brings?

Let us hope for the former.

Kovian Tel

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