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One week after the questionable inauguration, we stand before a tsunami of disinformation. First of all, forget the Main-Stream Media (MSM). Their agenda has never been to inform the people, but to manipulate them. To what end? The Great Reset of course. This is not a conspiracy theory but an actual plan as laid down by the World Economic Forum. It is an economic system where you own nothing and you are enslaved under a global, un-elected government. Simply check the provided link and try to see beyond the advertising and promotional material. Think critically.

Mainstream media coverage VS Reality.

Once you understand the concept that you are being deceived to compliance, ask yourself the following:

“Do I want to not own even the shirt I’m wearing?”

Do you wish your entire life to be for rent? Do you wish to be a slave? Do you wish that for your children? Your grandchildren?

The globalist impostors will try to “sell” the idea to the noble part of many of us. “Save the environment,” they scream at the top of their lungs.

Of course we can and will save the environment. However, we do not have to eviscerate the lives of countless generations beyond our own just to do it their way. What happens when someone else has a different path and gets in their way? Easy. Demonize them by any means necessary. There is too much at stake for the globalist elite and it has nothing to do with saving the planet they – themselves – have been hard at work destroying in the first place.

Recently it has come to our attention a different type of movement, called “The Greater Reset” – which appears human-centric and against the current globalist authoritarian movement. However, we have not yet fully vetted this movement, thus we cannot vouch for it.

For the record, President Trump was the beginning of a human-centric movement. His opponents, including but not limited to the corrupt politicians, mainstream media, think tanks, lobbyists, and hedge funds, loathed the idea of him returning the power to the people.

There are those on the left claim that President Trump was a dictator. Dictators censor free speech. Dictators send secret police and make people disappear. Dictators send in the military and take innocent lives by the boatload. Did we see any of that happen during his presidency? No. In fact, he was the one to be censored, followed by hundreds of thousands of Americans. Recently, YouTube took down over 500,000 videos that did not fall in-line with the “official” COVID-19 narrative. Germany prepared prisons as detention camps for those who do not wish to become vaccinated. The same happens in Canada. New York is pushing for the same. All of that while de-platforming continues at an alarming rate and pushes the level of censorship to unprecedented levels.

Biden claimed that consensus is key to good governance and that only dictators rule by executive orders. Yet by the time this article is being written, during his first week in office, Biden has signed 37 executive orders and counting. President Trump signed 4 during his first week. See the difference? Who is acting like a dictator?

If you are on the left, think about is. Is the following what you voted for?

Man loses job over Biden’s EO

What we are in right now is a transitional period. Biden has gained the presidency of a now bankrupt corporation, formed by the Act of 1871, through the Vatican loan facilitated by the City of London. The surrounding of DC has nothing to do with the corrupt politicians protecting themselves. Washington DC is considered by the US Military to be a foreign nation. This is why during the Biden “inauguration” the frequency the canon shots fired were consistent with the greeting of a Foreign Dignitary (or in other cases, a funeral).

Why? Because the US Military knows that Biden is not only an illegitimate president, but also bears much heavier charges with many more around him. This is why he and his staff are denied access to the Pentagon and were firmly requested to never attempt to even approach the building.

So, what is happening right now?

We are witnessing historic times, the conclusion of which will shock many. Especially those who have been resting on the laps of the mainstream media.

It is time to unplug. It is time to question. It is time to research.

Trust your ability in doing so.

Kovian Tel

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