CCP and the Western World

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Have you ever wondered how China has grown to be such an economic and military power? Since you are visiting this website, I trust you have a good understanding. However, for those who are on a journey of discovery, I shall lay it down.

Primarily, when I speak of China, I mainly refer to the Chinese Communist Party or CCP. The party itself has its own long history prior to its establishment, but I shall leave the dynasty-related history aspect aside for the time being. Especially since it involves delving deeper into the chapter of the underlying layers of society.

Prior to infiltrating the west, China looked like the photos below:

After the infiltration, everything changed to:

Numerous western corporations moved into the country due to the benefits of low wages and specific incentives offered to them by the CCP, such as tax incentives and free amenities (like cost-free buildings). At the same time, the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) used a portion of the income to send out its own teams to western countries and finance their ventures. Their purpose had three tasks:

1. Scout the layout of the land,

2. Evaluate the culture and its markets, and

3. Attempt to steal intellectual properties from more advanced nations and institutions.

Like the United States, the European Union was also infiltrated, something that became all too obvious with the completion of the EU Constitution. One of the leading figures of this endeavor was Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, who praised the Chinese deity who “guided us (the EU) faithfully from the age of the ancient Emperors (6,000 years before) up until today (sic) and it knew exactly where it was taking us.”

Brussels, 11 JULY 2002, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing , President of the European Convention , at the beginning of the plenary session CE-EC, ©Jan Van de Vel

President Trump’s policies to reinforce the US economy forced the CCP to suffer setbacks, something that the Biden “administration” is vigorously undoing. This will essentially become a black hole for the US economy.

Allow me to explain.

The mainstream information that speaks of China’s economic miracle are basically false. The country today carries close to 80% of the world’s debt. In simple terms, the current world debt is approximately $277 trillion. This means that China’s debt to GDP, including corporate, local government, household and central government, is a staggering 1,545% to its reported $14.343 trillion GDP.

If you take into account that the CCP’s reserves in US Dollars and Euros are declining, communism is in a rather precarious situation. Especially since most contractors in public works demand to be paid in US Dollars. Hence they seek to funnel more cash from the western economies until the Great Reset goes through, or engage in actual war to achieve it.

“How to end the CCP”, but a Chinese whistle-blower – War Room Pandemic

As a conclusion, this is no longer about the left versus the right. It goes much deeper than that, but I will leave the details for another chapter.

Kovian Tel

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