This should never have happened. The 45th President of the United States has gone beyond bragging about his achievement of pushing the vaccines into production. With all the side effects becoming widely known, he continues to recommend them. Why?

A truly powerful video regarding the totalitarian regime that is building in Australia and across the world. It is time to resist, uphold our freedoms and respect humanity.

Humanity exists outside of Earth as well. According to obscure information, there are multiple references in the writings of ancient civilizations that place our planet as once part of a greater Commonwealth. However, a great war isolated humanity and turned them into hostages of a vile coalition.

Highly condensed information of the status quo of our planet. We go behind the lines of the elites, and beyond those who control our planet. The article goes far beyond what is considered mainstream and sheds new light to the origins of humanity and the state of our solar system.

For a while now, foods and natural resources are being poisoned. Lately, the aspiring dictators are moving against the global population in a more aggressive ways. They’re running out of time.

The aspiring global dictators have been planning it for a long time. They even tried it a few times but it didn’t work out that well. Since they can’t get their viruses to work, they put everything in their “vaccines.”

One week after the questionable inauguration, we stand before a tsunami of disinformation. First of all, forget the Main-Stream Media (MSM). Their agenda has never been to inform the people, but to manipulate them. To what end? The Great Reset of course. This is not a conspiracy theory but an […]